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How To Login


How to login into your affiliate Dashboard

  1. Click here to login to your affiliate dashboard>>> Then Click on FOR AFFILIATE menu>>>Here you will manage everything as shown below.

Click >>Stats to see your views,Visitors,sales,Conversations,Referrals and Profit.

Use your affiliate dashboard to see and manage your affiliates traffic, sales and profit.
Use Select date Range from MY CAMPAIGNS To select dates and time you want to see your affiliates data statistics.


Quality products with good looking websites like wintegospy.com are great to have for promotions, but it will be difficult to earn much commissions from them without insightful reports and tracking tools.

Here at Click2Sell you can be sure that you will not be promoting our  products blindly. You will know exactly how many, how much, when and where. Various effective and time-saving tools and tricks will help you to earn more money in a more convenient way.
      Real time Report:
8 different reports will let you know performance of your promotions inside out. See the huge section "Reports" to learn more about the powerful reports.

General report - conveniently overview your promotion campaigns and quickly find out how many visitors you referred, how many sales you got and how much money you earned.

Daily report - day by day breakdown of your promotion campgains. Know exactly how numbers of your visitors and sales "waves", find various trends.

Conversion report - quickly find out which products are more profitable and which ones bring you less money.

Referral Report - sometimes people come from other places than you advertise in. This report will let you know where people come through your affiliate links and how many sales various places "generate" to you. Maybe there will be some treasure island for you?

Refunds Report - some products may get a lot of refunds and thus reduce your earned commissions. See if products with many refunds are still worth to be promoted.

Transactions Report - full details of your sales: who purchased your promoted products, their contact info, what products were sold, how much money earned from each sale, etc.

Keywords Report - know exactly what keywords were used to find your promoted products and which of them were the most profitable to you.

Tracking Channels.
Affiliate promotions require many different places where you can advertise products. Different places have different conversion rates: some places are more profitable, others are worthless. Use Click2Sell tracking channels for differentiating your traffic sources, so that you could know which places are the profitable ones.

Quick Affiliate Links.
Save your time by easily creating affiliate links of various products by yourself. No need to log in to your Click2Sell account, search for products and clicking on "Promote" links to generate your affiliate links.

Just insert your Click2Sell username (ID) into product affiliate link and you are good to go!


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