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Program Overview And Benefits

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Mobile phone monitoring software is in great demand due to the prevalence of infidelity, making the temptation to oversee a partner's phone activity quite strong. The concept of observing a partner's interactions on platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, text messages, call records, location, browsing, and emails is understandably appealing to many.

More Buyers

Tap into a wide market of potential buyers - every adult could be your customer. Forbes reports that 25% of Americans are keen on monitoring their partners' phone activity and computers. This means that for every 100 referrals, you could secure at least 25 sales. Imagine the impact with 1,000 or 10,000 referrals per month! Join us as an affiliate and unlock huge potential.

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Maximize your earnings with a high conversion rate. Out of every 1,000 people you invite, at least 200 will purchase the software. Our services boast one of the industry's top conversion rates, ensuring that the people you refer are more likely to become buyers.

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Begin with a 30% commission. Your commission rate will rise to 50% when you refer a minimum of 15 customers who make purchases within 7 days of signing up, or achieve 3 sales within 24 hours of signing up.

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Average product price:$47/Month. .

Commission: 50 %( $ 23.50).

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